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Electrical Home Safety Certificate in West Midlands

Electrical Home Safety Certificates in West Midlands - All homes require a home safety certificate as a legal requirement. The Electrical Safety Council is the governing body that writes the necessary guidelines. By applying the guidelines and successfully earning a safety certificate, this validates that the electrics within a property are of a good standard and are safe to use.

This certificate is critical to obtain when there are new residents moving in or there is major building work being undertaken. If asked by the authorities, the property owner must be able to produce the relevant paperwork within seven days of notification. We strongly recommend regular checking the electrics to maintain standards and gain greater understanding of any ongoing issues that may arise.

Who conducts the inspection?

Any registered electrician can provide an Electrical Home Safety Certificate in West Midlands for the property owner, whether you own the property yourself or for your landlord. Depending on the size of the property, the cost of carrying out an inspection will vary. All registered electricians work to the national UK safety standard (BS 7671) so you can be fully assured of a quality inspection that addresses all relevant criteria to successfully obtain a certificate.

By using a registered electrician in West Midlands, this provides assurances that all relevant work standards are followed to ensure that all certificate conditions are met, with the ability to follow up on any failure to obtain the certificate if work is substandard. If work is not adequately completed, then a new electrical safety certificate in West Midlands might be issued once work is complete. Once you are finally presented with a safety certificate, the electrician is verifying that their work meets these standards.

What is assessed?

When being assessed for an Electrical Home Safety Certificate in West Midlands, you will be assessed on both fixed installations (sockets, wiring, switches) and appliances (TVs, toasters, fridges) independently to ensure thorough and detailed checks are carried out. If you are renting the property, any appliances provided by your landlord must be included in these checks, to ensure they are fully-functional without any risk of injury. It is essential that all appliances carry at least a CE marking, which is the manufacturer’s claim that it meets EU standards to ensure that these checks are passed.

There is also a legal requirement for regular inspections every five years if the property is an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation). This means that the living environments are not fully self-contained, involving tenants sharing some facilities (e.g. kitchen, bathroom). However, there is no legal requirement to obtain an Electrical Home Safety Certificate in West Midlands for other buildings. Although, we would strongly recommended that you continue to carry out regular inspections, especially when longterm occupancies comes to an end.

What if electric installations or appliances are added or removed?

If the property owner wishes to add or remove electrics to the property (e.g. adding lights, updating sockets, installing an electric vehicle charge point), then all work must meet the statutory Building Regulations, as dictated by the UK Government. Part of these Building Regulations outlines what is required of electrical work, stating that work must be carried out by a registered electrician in West Midlands or you must pre-notify your local authority. However major or minor, this applies to any electrical modifications, including rewiring. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to prove all electrics within your property comply with regulations.

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